“It’s a great journey for me again that am back to America”– Actor Soji Taiwo Says As Return Back To USA To Spend Time With His Family

Nollywood actor Oshe Omobanke has posted a photo of himself as he returns to America to reunite with his family.

He shared that he spent a year and a half in Nigeria and expressed his gratitude to everyone, from producers and crew members to the organizations and companies that offered him ambassador deals during his time in Nigeria.

He further revealed that Nigeria should be expecting him back soon any moment from now.

The Actor Wrote: It’s a great journey for me again that I’m back to America , after 1 year and half , it was another beautiful experience for me , spending good times with my loved ones and my fans , and God gave me the grace to work with a lot of producers and lots other endorsements, only God deserved the adoration and glory 🙏 Thank you my naija family , I will see you guys soon ! America here I come again #OluwaLoniGlory

See The Picture Below;