“Its Getting Too Serious”– Reaction As Another Veterans Actor Sule Sue Bebe Came Out To Beg For Help Online (Video)

Dayo Adewunmi, a well-known veteran actor also known as Sule Sue Bebe, has recently taken to Facebook seeking financial assistance from Pastor Gabriel Agbala.

In a video message sent to the pastor, the actor expressed the importance of speaking up about one’s own situation, emphasizing that silence can be perilous. Sule Sue Bebe revealed that he has never owned a car or built a house throughout his life, relying instead on a motorcycle, commonly known as an “okada,” for transportation.

However, due to advancing age, he can no longer use a bike to travel, prompting his appeal for help. Pastor Gabriel shared the video on Facebook, accompanied by the question, “What can we do for this?”

Pastor Agbala Gabriel, known for his compassionate nature, has recently taken on a commendable initiative to provide support to Pariolodo, a veteran actor facing financial hardships. Recognizing Pariolodo’s significant contributions to the entertainment industry, Pastor Gabriel swiftly took to his social media platform to announce his plans of raising funds for the actor. With unwavering dedication, he seeks to garner support from his followers and the wider community, extending a helping hand to alleviate Pariolodo’s financial burdens.

I firmly believe in expressing my thoughts openly, without fear of intimidation. It appears that an increasing number of Yoruba veteran actors and actresses are now seeking financial assistance from Pastor Gabriel Agbala, which ideally should not be the case. Day after day, many of them are coming forward to appeal for help, giving the impression of a recurring trend. It almost seems as if these pleas have been premeditated.

Watch the video below;