“It’s My Birthday, Please Celebrate Me” – Fuji Icon Saheed Osupa Says As He Celebrate His Birthday Today

Today, the renowned Fuji singer, Saheed Osupa, is celebrating his birthday.

He took to his Instagram handle to share a post expressing gratitude to God for another wonderful year, acknowledging the blessings of the past year and looking forward to a fruitful year ahead.

The Singer Wrote: And it’s my birthday 🎉 🎂!

Trust me, that coming from a stormy start, and getting to this height, have not been easy, the unpredictability of the gravity of life has always moved the son of man through many ups and downs, with life’s pendulum surprisingly swinging from back and forth to left and right. A tortuous journey it has been, a journey that began from my hood, Ajegunle, to the world.

At one point or the other, I have been pressed on every sides by troubles, hugged tightly by the arms of tussles while I wriggled, I was wrapped roughly with the wrappers of struggles, knocked many times, and many more times I was crushed, but I never crashed, smashed but never broken, stomped on severally, yet the jazzy Jackie always danced up to these jazz musics with resurging Fuji jives.

At some point, I was soaked in the perplexity of confusions as I didn’t understand why things got harder and turned tougher as I strive further to thrive higher, yet I never gave up on my dream, for I know, surely, that “growth can come only after tough times and struggle”, just like the stormy rains herald the showing of the beautiful rainbow.

Through and through these struggles, God never forsook me, He never deserted me, He never cast me off His merciful eyes, as a matter of fact, He has always turned every situation around in my favor. Indeed, it has been nothing, but a rollercoaster ride, and I cannot not fully relish these experiences without getting emotional.

I am what and where I am today by God’s grace of perfervid thoughts and unwavering spirit that dominated my mind. Certainly, I have undergone some tremendous positive growth in my life. And the fact that I could make it up here is an obvious testimony that GOD IS NOT DEAD.

God has been very faithful to me. And certainly, the work He has begun, He will, most definitely, complete.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Famous9ja wish you happy birthday sir