“IYAWO CELEBRITY”- Actor Kunle Afod hails his wife, Desola’s stunning outfit at the Jagun Jagun movie premiere (Video)

Nigerian actor and director Kunle Afod expressed his admiration for his charming wife, Desola Afod, at the premiere of the film Jagun Jagun.

Desola’s captivating attire grabbed everyone’s gaze as she graced the occasion, earning praises and a heartfelt acknowledgment from her spouse.

Kunle Afod took to social media to laud the attire his wife adorned.

In a succinct yet impactful post, he exclaimed, “10 over 10, My babie representing, I believe you 💯JAGUN JAGUN ,” showcasing his genuine pride and support for Desola’s fashion choice.

Actor Lateef Adedimeji sheds tears during JagunJagun screening, expresses gratitude towards Femi Adebayo

Actor Lateef Adedimeji from the Nollywood industry couldn’t hold back his emotions as he shed tears while watching Jagun Jagun.

In the previous month, Famous9ja unveiled that Femi Adebayo had introduced his latest collaboration with the streaming giant Netflix.

During a screening organized by the filmmaker on Wednesday night, numerous notable individuals graced the event with their presence.

During his speech at the event, Lateef, who attended the ceremony and is part of the movie’s cast, became emotional.

He expressed gratitude to Femi Adebayo and acknowledged that he experienced discomfort during the filming process. Lateef revealed that he had actually fractured his leg while shooting and was on the brink of quitting, but Femi Adebayo’s unwavering support kept him going.

He revealed that he would become emotional on set, and Femi would offer him encouragement.

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