Jubilation As Popular Human Rights Fighter Alhaji Oriyomi Hamzat Set To Take Over Mohbad Case With Close Monitor (Watch Below)

Prominent human rights advocate Oriyomi Hamzat has added his voice to the chorus of calls for justice in the case of the late Mohbad. This underscores the growing concern and the pressing demand for a comprehensive inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the untimely demise of the young artist. It’s evident that many Nigerians are yearning for transparency and accountability in this matter.

Oriyomi’s choice to convey this message through his radio station, Agidigbo FM, and his willingness to stand up for the cause has garnered support from numerous individuals who admire his commitment to promoting ethical and responsible content. It appears that he is ready to utilize his platform as a means to advocate for change within the music industry and address concerns related to controversial artists and their music.

Rewrite Oriyomi Hamzat is well-known for his unwavering commitment to human rights advocacy, and his dedication has earned him a respected reputation in this field.

Oriyomi’s decision to classify Naira Marley’s songs and all Marlian songs as “NTBB” (Not To Be Broadcast) on Agidigbo FM stations reflects the network’s stance on not promoting or playing music associated with the controversial artist and his record label. This action seems to be a response to the ongoing controversy surrounding the death of Mohbad and the allegations against Naira Marley and his associates.

You will recalled that this was started by splash fm as they also banned the marlian music from been played in the radio station.

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