Lady rants, refuses to pick boyfriend’s call after he sent her N70k instead of N75k

A Nigerian lady has made the decision to exact revenge on her boyfriend for sending her N70,000 instead of N75,000.

The woman can be heard yelling about the money her lover did not give her in a video that one of her roommates took.

She was obviously upset, and her roommate admitted that her boyfriend hadn’t given her the full sum of money she had asked for.

She continued to ignore her calls as a form of punishment while he repeatedly dialed her number.

Her roommate persisted in making fun of her and urging her to return the man’s calls. Because she was ignoring his calls, the devoted boyfriend was reportedly in tears.

Some reactions are shown below:

longjay_12 said, “Whatever you do in life, do not be that guy!!!!”

the_real_sizo said, “We lost another man😂”.

blackkingsunday said, “May God almighty deliver you boy because you already entered one chance o😢”.

humble_barber10 said, “When them don see boy wen love them nah so them dy do… las las if the boy breakup with her nah savage boy baba go change name to Pablo 001 am back😂😂😂😂😂😂”.

Watch the video below: