Late Mohbad Step Mother Finay Reveals Why Mohbad Nêck Was Bent Inside C©ff!n (Watch)

In a video, Mohbad’s stepmother is seen providing an explanation for the circumstances that led to the singer’s neck appearing bent.

The tragic and unexpected loss of the young and talented artist has deeply saddened both his fans and the music community.

According to her account, the late Mohbad’s neck became bent when the prophet of God poured anointing oil on his head as part of the customary ritual in the Cherubim and Seraphim church.

Watch the video below;

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Funmi_Layour: If mohbad was your son immediately you notice his neck was bent won’t you position it well? Ashiere. Stepmother ti ko care.

Mimi_hrh: Why is this woman his mouth piece?
Why are 2nd wives always toxic?

May Mohbad hunt you all, the way he gives me goosebumps each time i bump on any post that is related to him or remember him 😢

Garry_tee: Everything is wrong with this family. Illiteracy, greed, poverty, wickedness, and pathological lying.

PJ.stars: When a patient is confirmed dead, the medical practicionals will first ask for the presence of the deceased closet family, in this case mohbad is married, definitely his wife’s attention would have been needed, now let’s assume they skipped that part, when he was sanctioned to a mortuary, who deposited him?, as a married man was the signature of his wife or parents not consented. Now let’s assume they skipped that part too, you as a wife, this whole blizzard just happened roughly within 24 hrs, you no para, any babe will make sure she gets answers as to why her husband is dead just like that, infact she supposed start from the nurse dey render her b.eating. she supposed drag those boys by the collar give dem better nodding, that being said , if you are traditional fully married, how can a kindred bury ur husband without ur consent. You sure say u love this man at all?, Cause I’m wondering why you no carry ur kingsmen storm ur husband village with questions and anger. Infact your blood supposed dey hot every minute!!, even my close female friends will do more talk much of a lady whom I literally share the same breath with. The whole saga surrounding this mohbads wife, is making me bliv they were both not together prior before his demise.

Sabitalknews: Omo if mohbad wan vex as e be like this, omo them everyone of them for collect oh, from his k!lker to the parents and to the pastor, infact all of them for collect wotowoto, but the guy is a peaceful person which even naira marley knows about it