“Leave Us Breath, We Are All Struggling” – Actress Biodun Okeowo Defends Her Colleagues Who Don’t Support The Less Priviledge

In response to allegations that wealthy actors neglect to support their colleagues, Nigerian actor Biodun Okeowo has voiced his opinion, suggesting that it is time to give celebrities some space and consider the idea of sharing screenshots showcasing the assistance they have provided.

Amidst the ongoing discourse about the involvement of celebrities in assisting their colleagues during difficult times, Nigerian actor Biodun Okeowo has shared his perspective.

In a passionate response to claims that wealthy actors neglect to offer financial aid, Okeowo took to social media to defend his fellow celebrities and draw attention to their charitable efforts.

In his post, Okewo wrote, “So the in thing now is we should start posting screenshots of people we have helped else people will drag us….and say we don’t help ourselves… what is your take about this…?

Tor! If I start to post…?

I believe it is only non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and recognized institutions that should publicize their charitable deeds, in order to encourage support from others. However, as individuals, I don’t think it is necessary.

Let’s give celebrities some breathing space 🤔. However, since this is the trend of the current era, perhaps we should consider sharing and promoting our philanthropic activities.

I left a comment on Tunde’s page…some people were ready to criticize me without fully understanding. Anyway, I have deleted it. I don’t have the energy for unnecessary trouble.

Okeowo’s response struck a chord with many of his fans and followers, who expressed their agreement and support in the comments section.