“Let Be Honest This Girl Na Werey, He’s Been Fooling People Tips Tipe”– Reaction As A Video Of A Woman Who Gave Eniola 600k Surface Online (Watch)

A new video featuring Sultan, who identified as Eniola, has emerged online.

A woman who shared the video disclosed encountering Eniola at the Nigerian Cake Exhibition, where he did makeup for her model.

The woman, who raised over 600k to support Eniola’s setup, expressed surprise upon realizing Eniola’s true gender.

The question is where all the money has been donated for him, where he keeping the money. Imagine someone who was given 600k and still goes back to the street selling bottled water on the roadside.

I think it’s the high time Nigerian ask her what she need exactly because it seems she needed something that is only well known to her alone, despite the help different organisations have render to him he is still not satisfied.

Watch The Video Below

Social Media Reaction Below;

Davidoo_028: But let’s be honest this girl na werey oo 😂She has been fooling all this woman with her gender 😂😂.

Chukwudibobo: No one get cable follow come there make you use am flog her or him for neck this one don dy do yahoo people 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.