“Level Pass Level” Fans gushes Over Sotayo Gaga As She make Money Rain At A Event (Video)

Nollywood star, Tayo Sobola, popularly known as Sotayo Gaga, recently caused a stir at an event by showering money on the crowd.

The actress, who usually keeps a low profile, made a striking appearance in an all-white outfit, capturing everyone’s attention.

Maintaining her party tradition, Sotayo ensured that money rained down as she generously sprayed bundles of Nigerian naira notes during the event.

Commenting on the incident, many praised her for her elegance and refined taste.

One individual named Ewa Lagos expressed admiration, saying, “She’s my kind of woman… Never worries about money. A true trendsetter.”

Another person, Mds Essential, commented, “Very classy and sophisticated. Lots of love.”

Poshris Jewelry chimed in, stating, “Absolutely refined and classy.”

Berry White official added, “She’s a remarkable trendsetter whom I deeply respect. Enjoy your moment.”

Watch the video below;

Sotayo Gaga’s act of making money rain at events is not a new occurrence.

Once again, Sotayo Gaga captivated the audience at a Lagos festival with her mesmerizing presence.

Having been honored with a royal title in 2021, the actress emitted a newfound aura that amazed many.

In attendance at the Olokun Festival in Lagos, where rumors of her marriage to a Northern monarch circulated, Sotayo Gaga effortlessly became the focal point of attention.

Dressed in an elegant all-white ensemble, Sotayo Gaga generously showered money at the event, showcasing her inherent generosity.