“LLNP” Actor Olayiwola Moroof wishes his daughter a happy birthday today.

Actor Olayiwola Moroof conveyed his deep admiration and love for his daughter through social media, marking her significant milestone as she embarked on a new phase in life.

In a poignant tribute, the devoted father celebrated the immense joy, inspiration, and affection that his daughter brings to his life.

The actor wrote a heartfelt message, expressing, “I am grateful to God for you. My joy. My sweetness. My beloved grandma, Olayiwola Muheezat Korede Ejide, happy birthday to you, my grandma, my daughter. Long life and prosperity.”

The actor’s homage resonated with his fans and colleagues, who joined in the celebration of his daughter’s special day.

Congratulations Are In Order As Olayiwola Moroof Daughter Finish Walmotul Quran Graduation

Omo Alhaja, a renowned stage name for Nigerian actor Olayiwola Moroof, celebrated his children graduating from Walimatul Quran on Instagram.

He included pictures of his kids and a touching letter to them in the post. He conveyed his happiness and thanks to Allah for allowing him to be present for the lovely event.

He worte, ” Alhamdulilahi for walmotul Quran and freedom graduation of my children’s muhizat olayiwola and faizat olayiwola plus Muhiz olayiwola, Thank God for my life , oluwa ma fi idunnu mi pamilekun @otunbaojo_comedy @ajanbadanojo_fanpage @adunniade_04 @esabodofficial”