Lovely Moment Groom surprises bride with brand new Range Rover on wedding day

On their wedding day, a groom delighted his bride by presenting her with a 2023 Range Rover, surprising her in a heartwarming gesture.

In a video circulating online, the groom sat with his wife on separate chairs, holding onto an object which he later revealed to be a car key.

The unexpected gift left the bride momentarily speechless, as she followed her husband outside where the stunning car awaited, leaving her pleasantly surprised and in awe.

In the parking lot, the Range Rover was well-covered and decorated. People rejoiced even more when the car was revealed.

The video quickly went viral and social media users trooped to comment section to share their thoughts.

Some reactions are shown below:

officialmrfabulous said, “I pray the spirit of marriage breakfast will not visit u guys😢”.

only1mdk said, “Aside marrying a rich man, marry a giver, then you sef try Dey behave as woman wey you be. Weda money or no money, man wey buy expensive car give en woman get wetin en Dey enjoy for her hand. That is what she has brought to the table. It can be morals, not necessarily money”.

nora_okeke said, “Some people won’t understand what they went through together to be here, big congratulations to them ❤️”.

bishy.opeyemi said, “Love is sweet, when money come Dey It is sweeter. Cheeii 🍾🔥”.

iamestyceo said, “Some Nigerian men dey try. They spend money without thinking about how hard they made it. The pain I feel spending my own money eeeemmm, my heart dey always cut especially after dancing for 7 market days before making sales😂😂😂😂😂 Nigerian men are unique abeg, may God bless them.”

chef_honeybee said, “Your Marriage will last long IJMn. Congratulations to them. The Man showed genuine love God bless u both.”