Man Uses Charm on A Girl, After She Collected N27,000 Transport Fare from Him and Refused to Show Up

A Nigerian man took drastic measures by using traditional rituals involving a photo of a lady who allegedly took N27,000 from him as transport fare to Abuja but failed to show up.

He shared a video holding the photo as part of his action against the alleged scam.

During his incantation, he disclosed that he gave the lady N27,000 for her trip to Abuja to meet him.

However, she ignored his calls and even blocked him on Whatsapp.

He decided to use juju to tie and lay curses on her.

Watch the video below:

Reacting to the post;

ify7789 said: “Nigerians are so kind of people. Someone defrauded a man of 27k and all the comments here are against the man for taking action against the fraud but one is even condemning the girl for fraud. I’m not sure most of you know the girl just defrauded the man which is a crime but as usual laugh and bash the man while you exonerate the girl. The mentality and behavior that have made you people to support and encourage criminality and corruption in Nigeria”

taiwo_junzin said: “Charm wey you suppose use advance your life na swear you dey use am for!

Arindin omo.”

realujunwamandy said: “Dey play! e nor Dey work!”

akpgebu wrote: “Because of 27k u go tie girl God forbid poverty is a disease”