“Many of us Actors/Actress only Earn 30k for movie roles” – Ariyo Kemisola Sheds Light on Struggles Actors/Actresses Faced, Seeks Financial Assistance for Sule Suebebe (Video)

Renowned actress Ariyo Kemisola brought attention to the struggles experienced by filmmakers in the industry through a widely circulated video.

In the viral footage, she fervently urged for financial assistance to be provided to actor Sule Suebebe, who has reportedly been bedridden for the last two years.

Actress Ariyo Oluwakemisola recently utilized social media as a platform to discuss the challenges faced by numerous Nollywood celebrities.

In her video message, Kemisola disclosed that some of her fellow colleagues in the film industry earn a mere N30k for an entire week of work on a movie shoot.

She passionately appealed to the public for financial support for her senior colleague, Dayo Adewunmi. The statements made by Yoruba actress Ariyo Oluwakemisola have sparked considerable attention.

Through a video shared on her social media page, Kemisola shed light on the challenges faced by filmmakers, highlighting instances where individuals received a meager N30k for a week’s worth of work, while others were fortunate enough to earn as much as N150k.