“Many people don’t believe I am single because of my handsomeness and cuteness” – Daniel Regha

Media critic Daniel Regha, a well-known figure, revealed on the microblogging platform X that many find it hard to believe he’s single due to his good looks.

Daniel revealed this while engaging in a conversation where users were asked to mention the drawbacks of being good-looking.

Sharing his perspective on the matter, he observed that being handsome or beautiful often leads people to assume that life comes easily for you.

Additionally, he mentioned that due to his good looks, people find it hard to believe him when he claims to be broke or single.

He wrote;

“One of the biggest disadvantages of being a handsome guy is that many people think u have it easy; People often tell me “A whole fine boy like u no get money, fine guy like u dey single” etc. Most people assume that the world revolves around anyone handsome, but that’s not the case.”

Below are some of the comments;

@VickyShegzy:  But you can’t relate now, Why the unnecessary story?

@effiongviktor:  Well sha ..your are part of God’s creation Who am I to say that your not fine or handsome

@Denix001:  Whose story/experience are you sharing, Daniel?

@Onua_bl:  Are you impersonating someone else in the convo

@Hominz:  I’m sure this is not you. Anyone telling you this just dey wash you

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