“May Allah Accept our Supplications as an act of Ibadah”– Actress Mercy Aigbe shares some of the most significant lessons she learned from Mecca (Watch)

Mercy Aigbe, a renowned Nigerian actress who is widely adored, recently celebrated a significant milestone in her life. She completed the sacred pilgrimage to Mecca alongside her partner, Kazeem Adeoti, also known as Adekaz,” and was bestowed with the honorable title of Alhaja. Expressing her joy, she shared a heartfelt video from their journey, capturing beautiful moments of togetherness and unity.

Using her social media platform, the talented actress uploaded a video featuring herself, her husband, and diverse individuals from various backgrounds gathered together to enjoy a meal. Mercy eloquently described Mecca as a place where everyone is on an equal footing, emphasizing that all human beings are equal in the eyes of God.

Throughout the weeks-long pilgrimage, Mercy Aigbe, an accomplished actress, has been actively sharing her profound experiences with her Nigerian fans, proudly embracing her new title as Alhaja.

The reception to her video has been immensely positive, as numerous fans have expressed their good wishes and prayers for Mercy Aigbe and her partner’s safe return. Additionally, they have acknowledged the Islamic teachings that promote equality among all individuals.

It is noteworthy that Mercy Aigbe and Adekaz officially got married last year, and ever since, they have openly showcased their profound love for each other on social media. They have been seen attending various events together, further solidifying their bond.

Watch the video below;