“May Almighty Allah Judge Me If I Knew Anything About It”–Popular Yoruba Actor Sunny Alli In Tear Over This Acquisition Reveal Chat About Everything Online (Details)

Popular actor Sunny Alli has been unjustly targeted online over an issue he was unaware of involving Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin.

The actor shared online chats revealing that a commenter falsely accused him of supporting Lizzy Anjorin.

Expressing frustration, Sunny Alli cursed those responsible for dragging his name into the controversy, emphasizing that he had no knowledge of the matter they were accusing him of supporting.

He wrote:…someone just called my attention to my former caption, almighty Allah sees my heart and knows dat I didn’t know dat something happened….may almighty Allah judge me according to my intentions..Ameen
And for those dat has started commenting, I leave you for God….Adabi ti mo bamo

See social media reaction on the chat below;

Olaitansugar sugar wrote: I bet people don’t know how much of a peaceful person you are, I saw it and I wasn’t even bothered at all, Cos I knew it’s just you writing your thing as usual and not to shade or support anyone.

Adenike.ashaolu wrote: So make person no post again? Must he post accordingly to what will suits their online supporters? Na wa ooo

Aderonke1999 wrote: Honestly was surprised when I saw it too. Cos I know you to be a peaceful loving person. It’s well.

Bqeez_uk wrote: For someone that has been easy going and scandal free, it’s only normal for a reasonable person to know you can’t be involved in such talks, but since everyone now has an opinion on social media, makes me wonder if things ain’t difficult enough in the country.

Itshallygold wrote: Like I know say this man no no but u see those online people ehn they will read meaning to everything

Ebunlomobunmi24 wrote: I was also wondering that you don’t even comment on anything about social media….it good as you clear yourself

See his post below;