“May God Reward This Man Abundantly” – Fans shower prayers on Kunle Afod as Gifted Veteran Actress Iya Niwen 1.2 million (Video)

Kunle Afod has posted a video alongside Alh. Oriyomi Hamzat, inviting Iya niwen as her fans collectively contributed money for her.

He presented the currently available 1.2 million as part of the contribution to the veteran actress and shared the video of the entire process online, which took place at Alh. Oriyomi Hamzat’s office.

He expresses gratitude to everyone who contributed funds for Iya Niwen.

He wrote: Alh. Oriyomi Hamzat and myself present some cash gift to Iya niwen …
Am always happy seeing our elderly ones happy ..
Mama Niwen shed tears of joy ..
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God bless you
You have a heart of gold
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Halimater wrote: Afod u no wori na ur generation go gain all diz

Realyomifabiyi wrote : This is priceless. To have specifically carved out time to do this alone is supernatural blessings to you. From the givers to the platforms, nothing is bigger than bringing hope and unexpected joy to people. A sacrifice God never let go without rewarding immediately or when one least expects. I am inspired senior man. 👏❤️🙌.

Baba_imola wrote: This is what I been praying for all our Legendary Actors and Actress it’s time for them to be happy for life👏❤️

Princesssaddy1697 wrote: Well done Afod. Oni da gbaya, Agba E onirare🙏. You are really doing great 👏👏