“May His Soul Rest In Peace”– Popular Yoruba Actress Oyindamola Sanni Lost His Father (Video)

Actress Oyindamola Sanni shared a poignant Instagram post, expressing the loss of her father in a heartfelt message.

She described her father’s humility and their enduring bond, emphasizing that their love would endure eternally.

She Wrote; A whole week without Old soldier😢
Hmmmmmmm! 24-08-2023
still looking like a dream 🤦‍♀️
I am proud of you daddy🤩
You fought! 👏
You are a warrior 🙌
You were the strongest man ever💯
I saw how you managed through pains for months😫
You asked me to make sure my mom and I travel to see my older sis and I remember asking you Why, then you said you want us “United” because you’re sure She’s lonely in the abroad and I said Okay.
I didn’t know you wanted mommy to be in a calmer place when she learns of your demise because you knew you were leaving us.
You never failed to tell me how proud of me you are 😍
You never failed to complement me 😁
You never failed to peck my cheeks and tell me “you love me scatter”
Even on the sick bed daddy you were always still pecking me!❤️
Everybody who knows me know how much my family mean to me and how I rate them💯 I don’t joke with Old soldier and it goes without saying.
Since your demise, Mommy has been in so much pains and I don’t even know how to console her 🤦‍♀️ But don’t worry daddy I will be the strong woman you’ve always called me… My sisters and I will definitely take care of your wife, God helping us😇😇😇

As much as I miss you so much daddy I am happy you are in a better place and resting now 🙂
He who knows better does the best for us💯
The best thing that could happen to you happened that day you rededicated your life and Confessed Jesus Christ again! Blessed be the name of the Lord🙏
I am happy you have gone to be with the Lord 👏
I am happy you are in a place without pains 😇
My guardian Angel 👼 Please always protect and watch over your wife, my older sisters & star girl✌️in this wicked world 😔
I love you with all of me Baami😘
Keep resting Daddy💋💋💋