May I Never Mourn over you, My Heart and World Best” Laide Bakare Gushes Over Her Son As He Turns 10 (Photo)

Laide Bakare, a notable personality in Nollywood, is beaming with happiness as she commemorates the significant milestone of her eldest son reaching the age of ten. In a deeply heartfelt homage, she fondly depicts him as her reflection and lavishes him with admiration, recognizing that he has brought her immeasurable delight and contentment.

While celebrating her son, Oluwadamilare Mishal Oriowo’s birthday, Laide extends her heartfelt wishes for him to encounter the utmost fulfillment that life can bring. She openly recognizes his immense importance in her existence, affirming that he is her entire universe and most cherished possession. Uttering her prayerful sentiments, she expresses her longing to never experience sorrow in relation to him. Concluding her message with an outpouring of affection, she declares her profound love for him, affectionately referring to him as Dammy.

In a subsequent social media update, Laide Bakare reaffirms her birthday greetings to her son, once again emphasizing the depth of her affection for him. She extends her sincere prayers, wholeheartedly wishing for his remarkable accomplishments and the discovery of absolute happiness throughout his life’s path.

Previously, Laide had disclosed that her son expressed a desire for a bicycle on his birthday, considering that he had received a Benz as a gift in the previous year. This particular detail illuminates the young boy’s aspirations and underscores the jubilant atmosphere surrounding his special day.

Laide Bakare’s genuine messages and jubilations for her son offer a glimpse into the profound connection they share as mother and child. Her words portray her unwavering affection and encouragement towards him, while also reflecting her aspirations for his future accomplishments and contentment.

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