“May the prayers of mama and Papa Guide and protect you always”- Actress Olaide Oyedeji’s estranged husband, Olukotan, celebrates son’s 2nd birthday

The estranged husband of Nigerian actress Olaide Oyedeji, actor Olukotan Alan, has taken to social media to celebrate his son’s 2nd birthday.

In a heartwarming message, Olukotan Alan wished his son a happy birthday, expressing his love for him.

While celebrating his son, he shared adorable clips of him on his official Instagram page, accompanied by a heartwarming message. Olukotan urged his son to be kind, appreciative, and show love to his mother and father.

The actor’s message read, ” “Letter you my son!!! Salam Alaekun Dear Son,Love you Son … love you so much … As you Grow and get older, Insha Allah it in the will of God, with more wisdom, Knowledge and understanding, Love with no boundaries, take care of your siblings as you are the only man in charge 😀😀😀… Balogun …

Be kind, Appreciative and show love to Mama and Papa, cos we are the most love you got here, it’s Hot and Rough out here, you don’t wana go down there, so much evil, bad wishers and terrible souls out here, You don’t wana go down there, but since you must come down here to see yet the Goodness of Allah filled in some people down here, with so much love and affection, Good deeds, Modesty, mannered people down here, I pray God protect you as most times it’s gonna be you alone right here, May the prayers of mama and Papa Guide and protect you always … welcome to 2nd year of life my Son… Yours sincerely love on earth..DAD”

In another post he wrote, ” Counting My BLESSINGS and Naming them 1by1, Ahlihamdulilahi Robil halameen 🙏🙏🙏… ADAM AWEDE OLANREWAJU is 2 Today, i feel Blessed …. Happy birthday Son, keep been the source of JOY to we Your Parent 🙏🙏🙏… iku o ni pa iwo ati awon Egbon e, Aarun kankan o ni se e, olorun o ni fi e pawa lekun ….I love you Son and all I wana do is Love you more than myself and Be the Best Daddy to you and your Sister, God Help Me 🙏.”