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“May You Never Know Sorrow”– Actress Bisola Aiyeola Shower Prayer On Actress Kehinde Bankole Over Her Talent (Video)

Bisola Aiyeola, a renowned figure in the Nollywood film industry, turned to social media to convey her sincere gratitude towards her colleague, Kehinde Bankole. Using a heartfelt message, Bisola lavished Kehinde with admiration, recognizing her remarkable talent in the field of acting.

Bisola extolled Kehinde’s extraordinary talent and portrayed her as an exceptional performer. She conveyed her deep admiration, emphasizing that she is consistently amazed by Kehinde’s remarkable acting abilities.

In a post filled with appreciation, Bisola expressed her admiration for Kehinde Bankole and ensured that she received the acknowledgment she rightly deserves for her exceptional contributions to the realm of acting.

This post is dedicated to expressing my appreciation for KENNY BANKS. May your brilliance always shine brightly. May the entire world witness and benefit from your talent. May you live to enjoy and receive all the recognition you deserve. Your skills as a performer are extraordinary, and every time I’ve had the opportunity to watch you, whether from a distance or up close, I am constantly amazed by your talent. May God bless you, Kenny. Aunty B @biodunstephen, keep excelling and delighting us with your work. La familaaaaaa, go watch “SISTA” on @primevideonaija.

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