“May Your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace”– Actor Yemi My Lover Pays Tributes To His Late Friend Lukuluku Bantashi

Yemi My Lover, a veteran actor, recently honored his late colleague, Lukuluku Bantashi, who passed away in 1995, with a heartfelt tribute. Lukuluku Bantashi was highly regarded for his unmatched comedic talent and captivating presence on stage.

His untimely demise created a void in the entertainment industry, as he was cherished for his contagious laughter and ability to bring immense joy to audiences. He had gained widespread recognition through his extraordinary performances.

In a poignant homage, 28 years after Lukuluku’s passing, Yemi My Lover fondly reminisced about their shared experiences while working together on one of their popular films. He shared an old video featuring himself and the late Lukuluku, accompanied by a caption that expressed, “Remembering the man, LUKULUKU, also known as Lukuluku Bantashi. May his soul rest in peace. He played a vital role in the movie Yemi My Lover, but life moves forward. Get ready for the next act. The show must go on. Prepare for the unbeatable. Only God can make it happen.”

Before his untimely passing in 1995, Lukuluku Bantashi left a lasting legacy by showcasing his artistic talents in a multitude of movies. Some notable films he contributed to include “Yemi My Lover,” “Ti Oluwa Nílẹ̀,” “Imulẹ̀ Ìfẹ́,” “Legal Wife,” “Ami Orun,” “Itunu,” and several others. Through his remarkable performances in these films, Lukuluku Bantashi cemented his place in the world of cinema and left an indelible mark on the industry.

Watch the video below;