Meet All The 10 Children of Veteran Yoruba Actor, Lere Paimo Who Are Very Wealthy and Music Producer (Photos)

Lere Paimo, who was born in September 1939 in Ogbomosho, Nigeria, is originally from Oyo State. He is widely recognized for his exceptional skills and has appeared in over 500 films, showcasing his talents as an instructor, actor, singer, comedian, and playwright. Furthermore, he takes pride in being the father of 10 children.

His outstanding performances in the movies “Omo Orukun” and “Asaworo Ide” have left an enduring impact. At 80 years old, Lere Paimo stands as a distinguished Yoruba actor, with a career that spans more than four decades. He was born and raised in Ogbomosho, which is located in the Southwest region of Nigeria in Oyo State, and he maintains a deep connection to his homeland.

Lere Paimo’s father was a respected individual involved in tobacco and yam farming and held the position of leader in the local farmers association. On the other hand, his mother pursued a merchant profession.

After completing his elementary education in Ogbomosho, Lere Paimo embarked on his journey as an entertainer at a young age. He has two wives and a large number of children, and he finds great joy in his fulfilling family life.

Among Lere Paimo’s talented children are a pair of twins who have immersed themselves in the world of music, demonstrating their skills by composing soundtracks for films. Additionally, he has a child named Dele who has discovered a passion for gospel music. Regardless of the career paths his children have chosen, Lere Paimo wholeheartedly supports them and offers prayers for their success.

There have been misunderstandings regarding Lere Paimo’s religious beliefs, with some assuming that he is deeply involved in traditional religion or even associated with a cult. However, the actor has explicitly clarified that he is not affiliated with any cult, nor does he practice herbalism or any form of fetishism. These misconceptions are unfounded, as Lere Paimo remains dedicated to his craft and does not partake in any activities beyond his chosen profession.

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