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Meet Mohbad Childhood Friend Prime Boy And His Best Friend Before His Death Who Was A Prime Suspect In His Death (Watch Him Speaks)

The renowned anonymous blogger, Gistslover, has posted a video featuring a close friend of Mohbad in an attempt to verify the circumstances surrounding his tragic demise.

Speculation among netizens has led to suspicions about Prime Boy’s involvement in Mohbad’s passing. However, there is a lack of concrete evidence to support these claims, with some suggesting that he may have been involved in altercations with individuals wielding weapons and other harmful items.

In the videos prime boy has came out to defend himself that he has no hand in his death and how can he kill his best friend, primeboy was shedding tear while recording the video which many people refer to as crocodile tear.

The post captioned:

Please I know nothing about it I did not even touch MOH he hit me I did not even do anything God knows his wife was there also and the Prado man and security’s please do not say what you don’t know make your investigation I did not have any issues with moh he called me all the time I don’t stay with them please and please i know nothing 😔

In Another post shared By Gisit Lover;

Crocodile Tears here and there😏😏😏😏😏your supposed best friend left a record label na then you begin do Atenu gumbody with the ex boss because of peanuts, even following them until he was used, they all should be arrested for questioning, we must get to the root of This !!!

Watch the videos below

Emmy_interior_design: Why do you first screenshot the video calls when Moh call you? That means you wan use ham for damage control

Mobolanleolayeye: How did Moh touch you without you triggering him,wen no be say he was high,can someone just hit you without any issue,God sees all,una cup go soon full

Zubbywhite1: As you and MOH close reach, I know see any place wey you post am for your page until his death 💀 and you Dey post other people (Your not happy with him) why he hit you?? I hear you say he hit you and you nor hit am back… say you nor hit am back the story no clear for there

When you ready do another video talk wetin happen

Fizzy_Morgan: What is baffling me right now is.. Mohbad was your best friend, and you’ve been together since when you were small but no single picture of him on your page?? he was always taking you to his friends place and you’ve never snapped and post it on your page atleast to make people know you dine with big people? bro, you go explain tire o

Damilarepapa: Morbad was your very close friend and you hardly had a clear picture/video of you and him on your page, I noticed you would rather famz his guys zlatan, poco, seyi vibes and co than him. Logically that speaks a bit of volume but what do I know. God knows best.

Exotic_Kash07: E delete one post with one of Marlians people I swear to god almighty I don’t do screen record before he deleted it 😭😭😭😭

Fleekstudio_: Maybe him use Malu for body, Yoruba people go understand. If he no use ring touch am then he get Malu for body, anybody wey fight am body go Dey swell. But this matter na ring he take hit the boy even the wife knows too. Which one con be the crocodile tears, Odale buruku God go catch you

Serikiarofood_enterprise: Will never judge or conclude anything, God sees all and knows all. But one thing i know is that as painful as this boy’s death is, the killer will have triple pains till he or they died. This guy has a good spirit😢, come and hear as people dey talk good of him. His family members too no help matter. Dem dey do like ebina as of dem purposely killam to inherit his Properties. Awon omo o je obe ri😏, why bury him so soon carelessly as if na omo inu yard loku😡. His death os damn painful😭