Meet Mohbad Son Which He Had Out Of Wedlock Three Months Ago But Kept It Secret (Watch|Deatail)

Another video has surfaced online, revealing that Mohbad had another child with a different lady in the village.

It’s important to note that the information has not been confirmed, and it could either be a true or false claim.

We will provide an update to the post as soon as more information becomes available.

The post caption Days after the death of artiste Mohbad, lady surfaces the internet with claims to have a love child with the artiste. Hmmm.

Watch The Video Below;

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Emaxlilceo: If he was buried how them wan do the DNA , just asking o

Olufunmi_rae: As long as he no put am for any of him songs u go explain tire iya baby😂😂😂 congrats on ur new born sha ✌🏻

Jo_an6ix: And to think they are requesting for DNA for the known child this one dey come out. Aunty you go explain tire

Desmond_cryotoq: One Naira…. You no go see ! E no go better for all of who na make wan stop this investigation. Amen 🙏

Adebiyi_Christabel: Can You Go n Stay One Corner First .. And Let Nigeria Settle The Issue On Ground… I Think It’s Becoming Interesting…. More Matters Arising… Wait Is It Boy or Girl .. 😢😮😂… Mohbad Belongs To The World…. We All Have A Say About His Case.. You Need DNA Before We Will All Decide To Share Small Property For The Small Angel… And Moreso, I Saw Online About A Man Saying It Might Not Be Naira or Might Just Be A Lady Who Did That… And Now A Lady Is Out Here Saying She Has Baby For Mohbad… 😂😂..