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Meet Omolara, The Beautiful Lady That Is Taking Care Of Actress Aunty Ramota

The identity of the woman responsible for caring for the petite actress Ramota Adetu, also known as Aunty Ramota, has been unveiled.

This disclosure was shared on Aunty Ramota’s Instagram page, where Omolara was introduced as the individual who has been diligently looking after Aunty Ramota.

While revealing the person who have been taking care of Aunty Ramota , Netizens was urged to appreciate this lady with a beautiful heart.

The post reads

This is OMOLARA the lady that is taking care of our dear aunty ramota, please let us just appreciate this lady because it’s not easy taking care of aunty ramota, this lady has gotten lots of insults from people, they have called her all sorts of names but she still keeps on doing her best of aunty ramota, not only her but her mummy also that we all known as Mummy Jay. Please let just appreciate her, most of us know how aunty ramota looks before compare to how she looks now and we can all tell she’s look so different now and beautiful 😍. Omolara we say thank you for everything, God will continue to bless you ❤️.

Reacting to the post Netizens trooped to the comment section to celebrate this wonderful lady Omolara,for her kind deads and beautiful heart .

In a similar news Yorubawood reported Aunty Ramota showers praise on Kunle Afolayan for giving her opportunity to act in ‘Anikulapo’ series.

Taking to her social media platforms via her social media manager, Aunty Ramota shared her heartfelt appreciation for Kunle Afolayan, whom she referred to as the “boss of all boss.”

She wrote,” Guess who’s going to be on Netflix soon…our dear aunty ramota in ANIKULAPO series

Big thanks to the boss of all boss @kunleafo this is a huge one for our dear aunty ramota and also @sodiqadebayo for this as well you’re such a wonderful man 🙏🏿 also @bimboademoye we love you all.

Please guys let go to Mr @kunleafo page to show some love ❤️ he did aunty ramota well treat her with so much love and respect 🫡 thank you boss. And also let appreciate @larahlight02 for been there for aunty ramota she’s awesome 👏🏾”