Meet Taiwo Ajoke, Taiwo Hassan ‘Ogogo’ first wife, who is a devoted Christian dancing at her daughter wedding

Nollywood actor Taiwo Hassan, famously known as Ogogo, shared a tribute on social media honoring his wife, Mrs. Ajoke Taiwo, during their daughter Kira Taiwo’s wedding ceremony.

Mrs. Ogogo, a devouted Christian, opts not to wear jewelry or makeup. In fact, according to posts on Facebook by Mrs. Ogogo’s daughter, she is affectionately called ‘Iya Jesu’.

On the other hand, her husband practices devout Islam and makes an annual pilgrimage.

Married with two children, Mrs. Ogogo also shares the household with another wife.

According to Ogogo, who has five children, in an interview he granted a national newspaper, he met Ajoke while they were in the same theatre group. Of course she agreed to marry him when he proposed to her but then, he vowed not to delve into polygamy

Wondering how he became a polygamist?

Ogogo revealed that, “I later married another wife but I believe everything in life has to do with destiny. I vowed that I would not have a second wife because I never fancied polygamy but it happened and I believe it was for a reason. It is God’s doing.”

To the dark-complexioned actor, disclosing to his wife that he had another wife was another herculean task. How did Ajoke react when he told her?

He said, “She felt bad and I begged her. May God give us a good wife; if I had money I could have bought a hummer jeep to beg my wife but I am not that rich. I made her understand how it happened and that regardless, it would not change anything between us. I begged her to please accept it as our destiny and I appreciate her for her understanding.”

Though the younger wife also had two children, the actor would always recall how he sent his relatives to help beg his amiable first wife.

“I asked my younger brother and two of my sisters to help me beg her. When they begged her, she said she believed that it is destiny. One thing I like about my first wife is that she encourages me to help people, especially my family members. She always makes sure I satisfy them if they need my help. When my mother was alive, she took good care of her. God is the only one that can forgive us our sins and I pray that he forgives me. I also pray my wife forgives me,” he said.

This is a lesson to couples—even when you err, try and repent and ask for forgiveness. Ogogo could have insisted that he was a Muslim and entitled to four wives, but he accepted his mistakes and apologized.