“Meet The Power Behind My Power, My After God”– Popular Nollywood Actor Amuda Eko Says As He Shares Lovely Video With His Grandma (Watch)

Akintunde Yusuf, a well-known Amuda Eko impersonator from Nigeria, posted a touching clip of a tender moment with his grandma on social media. The actor and his grandma are depicted in this heartwarming film, which has struck a chord with his fans.

Amuda Eko expressed his admiration and gratitude for his grandmother while showing her the sweet film and wishing her a good new month. This touching statement gives the video a more intimate feel and highlights the close relationship between the actor and his grandmother.

In the video, Amuda Eko discussed how his grandma served as a role model in his life and remained by his side no matter what the situation. This sincere expression of gratitude for her assistance and sway highlights their unique link and the value of family ties.

He Wrote Alone With The Video: “HAPPY new month grandmother!! We have been through a lot together and I really miss you. I really appreciate you being my role model and sticking by me even on my hardest days.

That is why i am so happy that I get to be here for we to celebrate this new month.The true power behind the power 👏 After God 💪”.

Watch The Video Below;