“Mind your business and face your life, eran” Lateef Adedimeji knocks insensitive fan who ask his wife Mobimpe to get pregnant

In a recent Instagram post, Mobimpe graced the platform with a captivating photo, dressed in an exquisite purple and blue lace outfit.

Among the flood of positive comments, one particularly curious fan crossed a line by asking about her pregnancy, specifically inquiring about a potential baby bump, displaying an intrusive interest in her personal life.

Lateef Adedimeji, Mobimpe’s husband, promptly came to his wife’s defense in a protective and resolute manner. He directly addressed the fan in the comment section of the post.

Adedimeji expressed his disapproval of the fan’s unsolicited inquiry, firmly asserting that such private matters were not within the fan’s purview. He advised the individual to concentrate on their own life instead of interfering in the lives of others.

This incident highlights the intrusive behavior that some fans exhibit, particularly in the lives of public figures.

Recalling a past incident in July, Lateef had shared about his wife’s continuous bullying, voicing his concerns on his Instagram page.

Lateef and Mobimpe also shared a heartwarming “Meet” story about their initial encounter. Lateef mentioned meeting his wife on the set of her second production, and their friendship gradually blossomed from there. They revealed overcoming obstacles, notably their religious differences, as Lateef is a devout Muslim while Mobimpe practices Christianity.

In June 2022, Lateef Adedimeji received an award in Vienna and took part in the cultural celebrations alongside his wife, Mobimpe. Their presence was notable, and Lateef was honored with an award as the festivities drew to a close.