Mixed rewctions as single Nigerian ladies wears wedding gowns to church as they hold a wedding retreat asking God to send them their husbands (Watch)

In a unique and heartwarming display of faith and hope, single Nigerian ladies came together in a church for a special wedding retreat, expressing their desire for God to bless them with loving husbands. The event has garnered significant attention, thanks to a viral video that captured the touching moment.

The video showcases a multitude of Nigerian women of different ages, all dressed in wedding gowns, creating a striking visual representation of their collective prayers and aspirations. It’s a powerful demonstration of their faith in God’s plan for their lives and their eagerness to find life partners who share their values and beliefs.

This extraordinary gathering highlights the importance of community and support in the journey to finding love and companionship. It also serves as a reminder of the significance of faith and hope in the lives of many Nigerians as they seek God’s guidance and blessings in matters of the heart.

The viral video has not only warmed the hearts of many but also serves as a testament to the diverse and rich cultural expressions of faith and love in Nigeria, bringing attention to the desires and dreams of these single ladies as they entrust their romantic futures to a higher power.

They were observed fervently beseeching, raising their voices and shedding tears in heartfelt pleas to their Creator for a transformation in their life stories and relationship statuses.

Check out how netizens reacted

@Queen! said: “20’s women laughing in the comment, wait till you 30-33 you go know say this things real. I pray God answers them.”

@@Dammy message opined: “When we Dey toast them , sha Kara no allow them see road”

@Yin Divom wondered: “When did marriage became a must. It’s high time women understand that, not being married doesn’t make you less of a woman.”

@💗Asiwaju baby💗 commented: “na rich man dem dey find”

@Prosy stated: “una serious ooo. marriage is like a nest/cage …the bird in the cage is looking for a way out ,but ones flying arround are just looking for cage 😅”

@FIRDAWS reacted: “I dey craze but I never craze reach this Level!!!🤣”

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