Mixes Reactions As Rema’s Ethiopia cancelled Rema Show Due To His ‘burning church’ necklace (Video)

According to multiple reports, it appears that the anticipated concert by renowned Nigerian singer Rema in Ethiopia, which was initially set for September 9, 2023, at the Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa, has been canceled.

Speculation suggests that the hotel management decided to postpone the event due to religious considerations.

Rema’s latest necklace, which displayed an image of an inverted and upside-down church, resulted in the cancellation of his Ethiopia show. According to reports, allegations of practicing devil worship were leveled against the musician.

Evidently, both the Ethiopian community and the hotel responded by canceling Rema’s performance due to concerns about the image on his necklace, which deeply offended the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

Notably, a woman from Ethiopia recently shared her perspective on Rema’s postponed concert during an appearance on Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze’s Instagram live program. She mentioned that an official press release had been issued, citing concerns about Rema’s jewelry and its potential association with demon worship.

Her words are:

“They made a statement, like a press release in Ethiopia about Rema. Yes, you can imagine, it’s a very big deal.

“They’re basically saying he is worshipping the devil because of what he has on his neck. And to be honest, I never thought of it myself. And there’s more to it; to be honest.”