“Mohbad came and cry begging me even crawl at my feet to forgive him for saying I was after his life, I have full evidence” – Naira Marley says

Rapper Naira Marley has asserted that the late celebrity Mohbad issued an apology to him after recording a video in which Mohbad claimed that Naira Marley was targeting his life.

In the widely circulated video, Mohbad had explicitly stated that Naira Marley’s Malian group should bear full responsibility for any harm that might befall him.

Subsequently, with the unfortunate passing of Mohbad, suspicions and accusations have been directed towards the Malian Record label head, Naira Marley.

Naira Marley, on the other hand, stated in an interview with Reno Omokri that he met the young singer after he filmed the video and had documentation of his apology to him.

Till today I don’t understand. I tried to get him help when he went out like that. I wasn’t even in the country when he made that video,” Naira Marley said.

“I was out of the country. I’m sure it was during the NDLEA [arrest that he made the video]. Looking at the video again, I was getting information from everybody that was there because like I said, I wasn’t in the country.

“I kind of sent someone to the NDLEA before I got back. When I got back the next day, they said Mohbad was not there. They said Mohbad wasn’t among the people arrested.

“I didn’t bail Mohbad out anyway. It’s only Zino. So it was that paranoia…Zino was still in the NDLEA when he [Mohbad] made that video. I wasn’t around.

“I was outside Nigeria when he made that video saying if he dies they should hold Naira Marley and the Malians. So when I got back I asked him. When I got back, I met him.

“I spoke to trying to find out what was wrong but he said he didn’t understand and apologised. Yes. He apologised. I have a video on that.”