“Mohbad Sent Me To Everybody To Please Focus On His Son”– Cynthia Morgan Says As She Shares A Message From The Dead (Details)

Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan, now going by the name Madrina, has shared a revelation she claims to have received from the deceased. Messages of this nature typically pique interest and spark discussions, especially when they touch upon the spiritual or supernatural.

The former rapper, who now identifies as a prophet, conveyed through her Instagram story that Mohbad had purportedly entrusted her with a message for Nigerians. In this message, he advised people not to pursue justice and to release the matter concerning his son. Such assertions can generate debate and intrigue among the public, particularly when they involve messages from the departed.

According to her, Mohbad specifically told her that everyone’s focus should be on his son. This message, if believed, could influence the way people perceive and handle the situation regarding the late singer’s son.

Cynthia added that she believes the fight Nigerians are engaged in is no longer just for Mohbad but for upcoming artists as well, with the aim of preventing them from making the same mistakes. This perspective suggests a broader purpose in addressing the issues surrounding the late singer’s passing, potentially focusing on industry reforms and the welfare of emerging artists.

“I know this fight we are fighting now is no longer for Mohbad but for the younger artists coming so they don’t make the same mistakes.
Mohbad is gone and he is not coming back and he say make I tell una make una focus on him Pikin. While on the side we fit still dey seek justice o because I don tire for people like Naira Marley. I was never a Marlian though. But he say make una no seek justice forget him pikin. In his words “the them to focus on my son”. RIP Mohbad”.

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