“More Money In Your Bank Account Agbeke Mi Owon”- Actor Akin Olaiya celebrates His Wife Bimbo Oshin In A Grand Style

Nigerian actor Akin Olaiya expressed his deep affection on social media while celebrating the birthday of his dear friend and colleague, Bimbo Oshin.

Akin Olaiya’s heartfelt tribute touched the hearts of fans and fellow actors alike, as they all came together to honor the talented actress and celebrate her special day with warm wishes and heartfelt festivities.

Brimming with happiness and appreciation, Bimbo Oshin celebrated her birthday, looking back on her successful career in the Nigerian film industry. Her remarkable achievements have earned her a large fan base and immense respect from her peers.

To honor the occasion, Akin Olaiya shared a heartwarming video of themselves donning matching outfits, cementing their close bond and camaraderie.

In a short heartwarming message, he wrote, “Happy birthday to you my darling friend Agbeke @bimbooshin ♥️ .More money in your account many more years to live inshaallau bikudiratulahi Amin 🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.”

The tribute from Akin Olaiya touched the hearts of many, setting off a wave of celebratory messages from fans and colleagues who also joined in extending their best wishes to the actress.

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