“Most of my colleagues are challenging me for raising funds for Veteran Actor, But I’ll never cus my fans are eager to support” – Skit-maker Kamo reveal

Ayoola Akinyoola, widely known as Kamo, is a renowned skit maker and content creator who recently shared his experience in raising funds for veteran celebrities, which had an unexpected response from his fans.

During a recent interview, the young performer revealed that he initially considered stopping the fundraising efforts, but to his delight, he received overwhelming support from his devoted fans. He received numerous messages from people eager to support, some even asking when the next fundraising event would take place.

Kamo expressed surprise upon learning that Fatai Adetayo, also known as Lalude, a veteran actor with over 50 years in the industry, had never owned a car. On a set in Lagos, Kamo asked Lalude where he had parked his car, only to discover the veteran had never owned one. This revelation prompted him to dedicate himself to helping Lalude and other veteran entertainers, and he plans to continue his charitable efforts in the future.

Sparing some words of advice for younger entertainers, the content creator said, “As an entertainer, one needs to invest, because one cannot be at the top forever. One also has to be ready for fame, so that one will make the best out of it when it comes. Of course, one also has to hardworking.”

Akinyoola also maintained that skit-making was very lucrative. He said, “Content creation is a very lucrative business. I am living very comfortably. If I need anything, I can afford it.”