“Most of the Actresses Feeds on Sugar Daddy to Live”- Sisi Quadri Slam Jaiye Kuti for condemning veterans who beg money online (Watch Full Video)

Nollywood actor Sisi Quadri, who is known by the stage name Quadri Oyebamiji Tolani, has expressed his disagreement with Jaiye Kuti’s criticism of actors who seek financial assistance online.

Reportedly, Jaiye Kuti, also known as Jayeola Monje, responded to the backlash she received after speaking out against her senior colleagues who were seeking financial help from fans. In recent weeks, veteran actors facing financial difficulties, such as Iya Gbonkan, Lalude, Pariolodo, and Alapinni, had come forward to request assistance from Nigerians.

Despite the generous support from many Nigerians, actress Jaiye Kuti criticized those veteran actors for resorting to online requests, viewing their actions as lacking in integrity.

The actor expressed concern about the negative impact of these pleas for assistance on the reputation of the Yoruba film industry. Jaiye Kuti observed that many of them had not adequately planned for their future, instead choosing to spend their earnings from their youth on fleeting pleasures.

It’s worth noting that Jaiye Kuti has since clarified her stance, emphasizing that she is not opposed to actors seeking help. Nevertheless, Sisi Quadri has strongly criticized her initial statement.

Sisi Quadri slams Jaiye Kuti

In an interview with Oyinmomo TV, Sisi Quadri tackled Jaiye for saying many veterans didn’t plan for their future else why they are begging.

He avowed that it’s God who makes one prosper and if things are going smoothly, it is God’s doing.

The Yoruba actor noted how many work hard yet don’t have money in their account.

He stated that he isn’t against any actor seeking help.

“Someone came to the social media to say some people are begging because they didn’t plan for their future. That is a lie. It is God that makes one prosper. If things are going smoothly for your it is not your power. Some actors work hard and still don’t have N2000 in their accounts. I am not against anyone seeking help”.