“Mummy little helper, I’m so lucky to be your mum” – 3-year-old girl braids hair at mother’s salon (Watch video)

A video of a 3-year-old girl displaying exceptional hair-braiding abilities is quickly gaining traction and admiration.

Netizens are astounded by the toddler’s incredible skill and precision in handling such a detailed task.

Shared by her mother, @zateglamourhair, the video showcases the little girl’s remarkable talent as she effortlessly weaves hair, leaving viewers stunned by her impressive abilities at such a tender age.

“Mummy’s little helper. Thank you for being an amazing daughter. I’m so lucky to be your mum”, her mother wrote.

The viral video has sparked a heated debate among netizens. While many admire the toddler’s impressive braiding abilities, some expressed concerns about the potential exploitation of the child.

@phrazia reacted: “This is what they mean when they ask for 20 years experience at 21.”

@pet_ commented: “As her lawyer let talk about my client salary cause ain’t no way my client will be doing all these for free.”

@shawn_knights reacted: “OMGEEEEE folks why does everything Hass to be negative I get it you’re concerned about child labor however look at the broader Hitcher the child is actually happy doing that and I don’t honestly think any parent is going to make their child braid 40 plus in one sitting … at least she not twerking.”

@unconditionedroots reacted: “She’s so talented.”

@sweetmichyella said: “That’s how I started from 7 and now am very good in braids. I earn from this gift. Big love from Germany.”

@wunmi_ruby reacted: “Wonderful baby girl! God bless anything she lays her hands on.”

@zesty_meals_by_dera reacted: “Una really get issues for this life, its obvious that most of the people in this comment section had serious issues growing up. Hey Little Princess, you are doing well, I would love to see you in 10 years time cos I know that you are going to be the bomb. Weldone Mama,pls drop her salary early.”

@neurisber said: “The most beautiful thing already knows how to braid.”

@hebrewlady312 said: “Its about time there 10 fingers messed up. Child labor abuse.”

@taun_ya commented: “Arthritis at 6 is in her future.”

@trinasaletta said: “Messing up this baby hands with arthritis or something else before she can grow!!”

See the video below: