“My all in all” Biola Bayo professes love for her BabyDaddy on his 45th Birthday (Video)

Nollywood actress, Biola Bayo, is celebrating her Baby daddy 45th birthday today.

Sharing her heartfelt message on Instagram, the Yoruba movie star posted a video collage featuring herself and her boyfriend, expressing her deep love for him.

She praised him for being not only her baby daddy but also a supportive husband, father, brother, dear son, and a God-sent blessing, among other roles.

According to Biola, her husband encompasses numerous qualities in one person.

Biola expressed her gratitude for everything he does for their home, his understanding nature, unwavering love, assistance with breakfast, and his care for their precious son.

“Happy 45th birthday to my boyfriend!
My baby daddy, my ever-supportive husband, my king, my father, my brother, my dear son, my God-sent. You are so many things rolled into one. Thank you for all that you do to create a comfortable home for us.
I appreciate your understanding and your unconditional love. Thank you for taking care of our precious son and helping out with breakfast…
I love you and declare you blessed forever. No matter how blessed you have been, this new year will surpass them all. Even those who are already blessed will acknowledge your blessings. Your influence will rise like that of a king. May grace multiply in your life. May money multiply in your hands, in Jesus’ name. I welcome you to a season of abundant prosperity. Happy birthday, Omo Akin. We love you, Daddy Tioluwanimi.”