“My dad has not been there when I needed him” – Imade’s worrisome chat about her father Davido surfaces online

A chat displaying Davido’s daughter Imade Adeleke’s comment about her dad has sparked diverse reactions across social media platforms.

Imade’s mother, Sophia Momodu, shared a delightful message from her daughter to her grandmother.

While Sophia attempted to obscure Imade’s comment about her dad within the message to her grandma, online users managed to decipher the message, causing some concern among them.

In the conversation, Imade expressed profound frustration regarding her father’s absence and lack of attention, particularly following her brother’s passing.

Imade Adeleke conveyed her deep disappointment, expressing her feelings of being let down by her father’s absence during a period when she needed his support the most.

The message also includes her saying that she has been disappointed since her brother died.

An excerpt from the message reads; “I love you so much grandma but you know I’ve been really disappointed since my brother died and I need somebody to keep me company and my dad wasn’t there when I needed him.”

See the post below;

See reactions below;

tony_leung_fancha: Your brother die, your father has a grieving wife, himself was grieving but he should come spend too time with you.. well na wetin Sophia wan show us, we don see am.

harmony__vee: SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️.. your dad has a whole family now.. sophy wake up and move on, stop using your innocent child to stir up drama. Before you, baby mama don dey exist!

flora_raay_: “And my dad wasn’t there when I needed him” she purposely didn’t blur that part well. It is well.

iamkellyeazy1: Sophia be acting too childish, Chioma still the best, problem free.

bcoin_auto: This pikin never understand say no be only she her papa born ??😂😂.

harkinsanmeeh: Your mama no know say na single mother she won do before she carry belle?😂.

nnenna_blinks_: Why is this even posted, what’s the reason? What’s the intent ? Even the wiped out text is not completely wiped and you can clearly read that. This Is T0x!c as Fvck. Even more T0xic if that child believes her father isn’t giving her the attention she needs and isn’t there for her. Which is in her mama’s place to make her emotions secure and not indirectly play it like she is referring to the Child’s writing prowess when she wants the world to see something else. Let’s do better come 24.