“My Gold! as your only surviving child with all that I have I will take care of you mum” Adeniyi Johnson makes lifetime promises to his mother

Yoruba actor Adeniyi Johnson made a lifelong promise to his dear mother on her birthday, falling on December 25th, 2023.

Joined by his wife, Seyi Edun, both shared heartwarming tributes and beautiful photos with his mother on their individual Instagram pages.

Expressing gratitude for his mother, Alice, despite the challenges they faced when they welcomed their twins earlier in the year, Adeniyi Johnson rejoiced in celebrating his mother’s birthday without sorrow or a posthumous tribute.

As the only surviving child of his mother, Niyi Johnson vowed to wholeheartedly care for her with all he possesses.

“I bless God death didn’t take you from me this year!! The very year God answered your long waiting prayers and wiped your tears the devil striked but God prevailed!!! My joy wasn’t mixed with sorrow, I am not typing this with tears and it’s not a posthumous wish, it was tough and stormy but Glory to God!!! As your only surviving child, with all that I have I will take care of you mum!!! .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GOLD!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY god!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!! … please help me celebrate my mother!!! .By the way she’s doing makeup for the 3rd time since she born me (iya church) (iyaniyi iyaseyi grandmatwins ).”

Seyi Edun on her page, appreciated her mother in law for accepting her into the family, for her constant love and support. She appreciates him for raising her son with manners that spoke volume about who she is.

“Happy birthday grandma , Hope this year brings you all the wonderful things you hope for. Thank you for accepting me into your family and for your support and love. I’m so happy I get to call such a cool, inspiring and kind mother my mother-in-love , thank you for raising a such a wonderful son, which says so much about who you are. I wish you abundant happiness and love. May your birthday be the beginning of a new chapter filled with joy and fulfillment. Do have a fabulous day ahead ma.”