“My Mouth Can Really Explain What My Eyes Have Seen With This Man”–Actor Lateef Adedimeji Wife Oyebade Adebimpe Called Her Husband Lateef Adedimeji (Watch)

In another online dramatic moment, the actor Lateef Adedimeji disclosed that his wife, Adebimpe Oyebade Adedimeji, doesn’t fully acknowledge everything he does for her.

The situation arose when Mo Bimpe asked her husband, Lateef Adedimeji, for assistance in promoting her business, Rahmahs Fit. However, Lateef responded in an unexpected manner, appearing as if he was being coerced into doing it.

Lateef shared the video on his Instagram account, playfully teasing his wife about her apparent lack of appreciation for his influencing skills. He even humorously suggested that he might start charging her for his promotional services.

The actor wrote: This woman no dey appreciate my INFLUENCING SKILLS , make I start dey charge am ?

My people. It’s @_rahmahs first year anniversary today and we’re on sales, kindly follow and patronize us @_rahmahs

Mo Bimpe took another turn as she reveal she is passing through a lot every day with his husband Adedimeji La teef, she said the husband does show her different versions of his behaviors daily which her mouth can explain it.

Her Words Read: My mouth can’t fit talk what my eyes have seen with this man, every day with orishirishi drama 😫🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Watch the video below to understand what really happens