“My sister and I used to hide in Mum’s land cruiser” Tuface babymama Sunmbo Adeoye spill

Sunmbo Adeoye, the spouse of Pastor Adeoye from Royalty Christian Centre in Lagos and the mother of two sons from her previous relationship with 2face Idibia, recently took to Instagram to share her childhood experiences. In her heartfelt post, the stunning mother of four expressed deep gratitude towards her 84-year-old mother, who has served as an exceptional role model and a constant source of inspiration throughout her life.

Sunmbo Adeoye nostalgically recalled her early years, fondly remembering how she and her sister would seek refuge inside their mother’s Land Cruiser whenever she made trips to replenish supplies at the depot. Her mother, who managed a supermarket and operated a restaurant at the staff canteen of Mulmaco and First Aluminium companies, possessed an impressive work ethic.

To enhance their hiding spot, they would cleverly conceal themselves with sacks, with the assistance of their mother’s staff, emerging only when they were certain she had ventured too far to turn back home.

Her mother’s industriousness, even at the age of 84, left a profound impact on Sunmbo Adeoye and strongly influenced their shared aspiration to achieve greatness.

Never underestimate the profound influence that the person you constantly admire holds over you. As the saying goes, “We become like who we see.”

As we look up to admirable individuals and witness their unwavering determination, resilience, and diligent efforts, we internalize those qualities and incorporate them into our own lives.

It is through such examples that we learn, develop, and ultimately become the individuals we aspire to be.

Thank you, Mother, for exemplifying the characteristics of a remarkable entrepreneur to me.

You were my first role model in the business world, and I pledge to continue embracing your industrious spirit, as it not only honors you but also inspires others to follow in your footsteps.