“My Tired is Tired, I Can’t Handle It Anymore, I can’t hide it anymore” – Actress Biola Bayo Cries Out

Biola Bayo, a well-respected figure in the Nollywood film industry, has recently conveyed her profound dissatisfaction with the excessively high surge in fuel prices. The esteemed actress expressed her frustration over the adverse consequences the fuel price hike has inflicted upon her business, leading her to feel inundated and dispirited.

In a heartfelt declaration, the accomplished entrepreneur revealed the astonishing sum she expended on procuring diesel or petrol, amounting to nearly 200,000 Naira within a mere week.

Unfortunately, her earnings over a period of two weeks or more proved insufficient to exceed this significant expenditure.

As a consequence, Biola Bayo found herself in a state of financial adversity, experiencing both financial depletion and physical exhaustion. However, she finds solace in her unyielding faith in the strength of her spirit to endure these challenging circumstances.

“Frankly, I am weary! My weariness is even exhausted. Conducting business in Nigeria can be exasperating. I spent almost 200k on diesel/petrol within a week, while not earning 200k in a span of two weeks or even longer, not to mention other expenses.

I acknowledge that I am tired, but I receive the fortitude from my spirit. The Lord is my source of strength… To say I am financially destitute is an understatement, but I trust in the grace of God.”

Praying for her fans, she wrote, “To everyone going through what I’m going through and even more. God Almighty will strengthen you and bless you. You will never labor in vain by God’s grace”.