“My Wife Is Making Sure I Look Young Everyday” – Actor Muyiwa Ademola Says As His Wife Gushes Over Him

Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola shared the delightful conversation he had with his stunning wife, Omolara Akanke, on November 12, 2023.

In an Instagram post, he posted a picture of himself looking dapper along with the transcript of their discussion.

The actor expressed joy as his wife complimented him, stating that he was becoming more attractive every day and seemingly defying the aging process.

Initially thinking it was flattery, Muyiwa Ademola was pleasantly surprised when his wife reiterated her affectionate claim.

“Wife—— Darling, sincerely you aren’t ageing in my eyes!

Me——- Babes, are you sure or you are deceiving me?

Wife—- Deceiving you is simply deceiving myself, you are such a fine man babe!

Me—— Now, my head is swelling. Thanks Love.

Happy Sunday Fam.”

The who use a logical means in advertising his new movie online ‘Ori’ that is coming to the screen soon.

Netizens hail the actor for his upcoming movie Ori and they are all Anticipated for the new movie.

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Obatideykelvin: Bros forget it! You fine, Young, clean, come humble join 👏👏👏

Callmiifexco: Why didn’t you buy a very expensive wristwatch sir? Rather than buying a house? Sir… I am thinking if you buy a very expensive watch and when it’s raining you’ll use the watch to cover your head and your family heads instead of buying a house? What’s your take sir? Please I don’t like that watch you’re wearing. Sell your house and use the money to buy an expensive watch sir. Watch is better than a house sir 😢😢 cc: @drews_african_barbie

Taibatoyeniran: Sir, well done 👍 I watched Ori again, I love it. It’s one of my childhood films. Ori is special, like it talks about God, how He works, talks about Fate (bi Olorun ba n se rere, awa eda a ma ka sibi ni opor igba). I so much love the concept of Ori. Looking forward to seeing Ori Rebirth!

Oyinwonuolami: She’s really not lying 😂 after watching Ori again , I thought same.

Bloomvilleclothing: I saw the movie all over again, good story and well detailed …I saw Sanyeri and Iya Ibadan 🤣🤣.