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“N1.2m or nothing” – Man heartbroken as in-laws insist on collecting N1.2m, despite offering N600k to marry their daughter

The aspirations of a young Nigerian man wanting to marry his beloved from Benue have been shattered as his girlfriend’s family presented an overwhelming marriage list of N1.2 million.

Shared by his friend, Udam Samuel Aseer, on January 5, 2024, this heartbreaking tale unfolded when the in-laws demanded double the initial budget of N600,000, obstructing the couple’s marriage plans.

The staggering revelation has ignited a storm of reactions on social media, with many expressing disbelief and disappointment over the exorbitant expectations imposed on the groom.

The aspiring groom, whose identity remains undisclosed, had saved and planned meticulously for his marriage to his girlfriend, only to face an unexpected hurdle.

The bride’s family allegedly presented a detailed marriage list that included a range of items, ceremonies, and financial contributions, totaling the significant sum of N1.2 million.

Udam Samuel Aseer, in his Facebook post, sympathized with his friend’s plight, describing how the young man had earnestly sought to fulfill his dream of marrying his girlfriend.

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