“Na Court Go Settle De Matter”– Jigan Babaoja Says As He Drag His Food With Goat Who Eat His Food

Jigan Babaoja, a prominent Nollywood actor and movie producer, recently caused a stir on social media when he jokingly referred to a goat as his mother. The incident occurred when he was spotted playfully chasing a female goat that had eaten his food.

In the hilarious video, Jigan can be heard exclaiming in a humorous manner, “Why did you eat my food, my dear mouth?” This lighthearted moment quickly went viral and sparked a lot of discussion and amusement among online users.

His word read: This goat has mind ! Ate my food and want to run away !

Court straight on Monday !

“I Can’t Kiss Him”– Actress Damilola Oni Says As Fight Erupt Between Her And Jigan Babaoja On Movie Set.

Damilola Oni, a well-known actress in the Nollywood industry, has addressed her recent altercation with fellow actor Jigan Babaoja on a movie set. Famous9ja initially brought attention to Jigan’s public outburst on social media, which occurred after Damilola refused to engage in a kissing scene with him during filming.

In response to the incident, Damilola stood her ground and reiterated her decision not to kiss Jigan on screen. She expressed her firm stance by taking to her Instagram account and sharing a post that directly addressed the actor, stating, “I cannot and I will not miss you!” The post was accompanied by Jigan’s tagged handle, ensuring he would see her message.

Damilola’s statement reflects her unwavering resolve to maintain her personal boundaries and preferences in her professional career. By speaking out, she aimed to assert her autonomy and emphasize the importance of consent and personal choices in the industry.

Watch the video below;