“Na last born he go be” – Man who caught wife cheating prints pictures of her and lover on his T-shirt (Photos)

A man recently made a bold move by printing images of his unfaithful wife and her lover on his T-shirt.

This news was shared on the @AdvoBorryBoux page, disclosing that the man had caught his wife and her paramour in a compromising situation. In response to his anguish, he captured photos of the two and took a courageous step.

He decided to print these images on a T-shirt and allegedly visited his wife at her workplace, wearing the shirt adorned with the intimate moment captured between her and her lover.

The T-shirt images have spread on social media, triggering discussions about relationships, infidelity, and how people cope with emotional pain in different ways.

The post reads, “This man caught his wife cheating on him. He took a photo of them, flocked it on a t-shirt and went to see her at work wearing the shirt”.

Check the picture below;

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nuella_gilson said, “Same energy for when a man cheats too 😂”.

chekwubeisaac said, “Cheating is bad but Y’all don’t know she’s got legal rights to take this up. It will get messy for them both 😂🤦🤦”.

big_madonna said, “Men can’t handle cheating but they expect women to handle it as well lol it’s crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”.

anabeauty_haven said, “Childish 😂. She can stylishly say that’s her and her husband 😂😂😂”.

i_am_tohree said, “How did he get a close up picture of her though 💀”.

smileapparrelng said, “The man mind no just touch ground 😂😂why must he embarrass himself like this 😂😂”.

womanchef_official said, “Just pray for her to see the light.i bet you..she will change👏”.