“Na you Dey look for trouble oooo”– Feranmi Oyalowo Stir Reaction As Share Funny Video Revealing Olaniyan Tosin Flæt Back Side (Video)

Nollywood actor Feranmi Oyalowo sparked a reaction online by posting a video with Olaniyan Tosin on her social media page.

In the clip, Feranmi shared a humorous moment where Olaniyan Tosin joked about her, commenting that she lacked a prominent backside as everything appeared flat without any definition.

Olaniyan Tosin quickly jumped into the comments section, expressing that the initial comment was all in good humor. Feranmi responded, pointing out that it wasn’t the first time they teased each other, and Olaniyan was making a fuss over something trivial.

He WroteIdaamu industry see her back side 😂😂😂 !! Your favorite girl @olaniyan_tosin penfuele

Watch The funny video below;


Many of Feranmi Oyalowo’s fans revealed that their hand is not involved because they knew the kind of person Olaniyan Tosin is, Using the Comments Section Below;

Mo_bolanlee: Thank God, I don’t see this post tori wahala maa sele😂😂😂😂

Lateephatoluwatoyin Say: She’s coming for you sha don’t run away😂 tru tru that back flat o😂.

Kingbeautyofficial_ Wrote: First to do no dey pain 😂😂😂she’s coming back for you.

Anjorindolapo3 Wrote: Ose tida wahala masele can’t wait for her own part 😂😂.

Toyinlicious_cake Wrote: Na you Dey look for trouble oooo😂😂😂, she’s coming for you.