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Naira Marley releases a recording of a phone conversation he had with Mohbad days before his passing (Video)

Naira Marley has unveiled a recording of a purported phone conversation that transpired between him and Mohbad in the days leading up to the artist’s tragic passing.

This recording emerged online on September 27th, 2023, following Naira Marley’s official statement declaring his return to Nigeria.

In the statement, he asserted his innocence and confirmed that he played no role in the untimely demise of his former protege, Mohbad. The released phone conversation recording adds a layer to the ongoing discussions surrounding the circumstances of Mohbad’s death.

Read the translation of their conversation below;

Naira Marley: You don’t feel like that again but 1 your ago, you felt like k#lling yourself. And you are still surrounded by the same thing that’s stressing you. And I explained things to you. You have made a video saying if you d#e Naira Marley and his team should be blamed. Now you want to k#ll yourself.

Voice: I felt like that at the time but I don’t feel like that anymore.

Naira Marley: But that was like one hour ago. You locked yourself up and was about k#lling yourself. If it had happened, what do you think people will say with the video you made?

Voice: I’m sorry. Don’t be annoyed with me.

Naira Marley: I’m not. I just need to look after you. I’ve told you, don’t stress yourself. Do whatever you want and say whatever you want. If you say Wunmi, please go to my father’s house and don’t come here for now, it will be done. Be free to say it.

I know you say you feel like no one likes you but it’s just a thought and you need to erase it.

Voice: I’m trying every day to erase it and be around people.

Watch the video below;

Video Of Me (Naira Marley) Talking MohBad Out of Committing Suicide After His Girlfriend Reported Him To Me. She Is Alive. Ask Her If This Is Fake- Naira Marley

Watch the video below;